Dystonia is the 3rd biggest movement disorder in the USA followed by Parkinson’s and essential tremor. Michael J Fox besides having Parkinson’s also has dystonia. Let’s bring awareness, education, and ultimately HOPE to people with dystonia. As a published author of 2 books and 5 anthologies, it dawned on me that there are so many people out there that need HOPE and want to share their stories HOPE in the dystonia community whether they struggle with dystonia themselves or it is their loved one or a medical professional. As I wrapped up my 5th anthology this past January, I realized that I could also write an anthology for those that have dystonia. Let’s do it. It can only happen though if you help back this campaign. We need a total of $2,500 in order for this to work or the book won’t happen. Editing, book covers, formatting, etc all take time. I look forward to spreading awareness about dystonia and education, but also bring HOPE in dark situations. I know that this will bring about HOPE and will help change people’s lives. Will you join me? Please share, so we can reach more people.

You can even get rewards like my books if you donate. Go to kickstarter.com and search for dystonia anthology to back this book.