Can’t Someone Fix What Ails Me?

21 Stories of Chronic Illness

Nikki Abramson and  Barbara Hynes-Tomczyk

The two people who compiled (and contributed) their own stories have over a dozen chronic illnesses between them. They and the other 19 writers want you to know what it’s like. How do they, as “chronics,” deal with walking into a medical office and being called “odd” or “complex” or “interesting?” How much should they tell others—and whose business is it anyway?

Where do they find the patience to try medication after medication and deal with the unpleasant side effects? How do they stay positive in the face of never-ending symptoms and no cure? How do they deal with the fact that they seem okay, and look great on the outside, while silently suffering inside?

As they seek answers and solutions, they ask: Can’t Someone Fix What Ails Me? It’s all very tough to handle. As you read these stories, see the writers’ resilience, strength and hope.

Nikki and Barb collected these stories, adding their own to the mix of people who live every day with chronic illness. Both are actively involved with theatre, writing and teaching.

We don’t really understand. How can we? It’s beyond the imaginable for most of us.

Heidi Burch

Disability Services Professional, 30 years

Writers share…”Ways to cope and have meaningful lives.”

Becky Henry

CPCC Author, Speaker, Coach