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Nikki M. Abramson, M.A. ED

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Teacher, performer, author and life inspirer: Nikki Abramson knows about adversity – and how to overcome it.

Nikki’s story is one of hope in the face of daunting situations. She has struggled for acceptance as an international, disabled adoptee. Doctors told her when she was five years old that she would die from her disability by the time she was a teenager. And her planned career was compromised by a debilitating car accident shortly after she finished college.

But instead of crumbling under those misfortunes, Nikki’s experiences and education have taught her how to make daily choices and live in the present with gratitude, faith, and positivity as a guide. Now she helps others transform their challenges into opportunities to live fully with meaning, confidence, and purpose.

With Nikki as your guide, you’ll learn how you can use life’s lessons to invent something new for yourself. You’ll see how to interpret your hardships in a different way, reframing your story to feel empowered, encouraged, grateful, and ready for something even better for your life. You’ll feel uplifted and encouraged, and will take away actionable ideas that you can implement immediately.

Teacher, performer, author and life inspirer. This is Nikki Abramson, and she’s here to help you learn, hope and renew.

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After hearing Nikki Abramson speak on several occasions, I was struck by her warm and animated demeanor along with how quickly she engages and captivates her audience as she tells her compelling story.

Nadia Giordana

Producer/Host, WomanVision TV

Nikki Abramson has an amazing story, and she tells it with grace, with wisdom, and with encouragement for anyone who has gone through trauma or tragedies in their own lives. She is a talented writer and storyteller, and has a way of connecting audiences to the power and strength that is inside us all.

Betty Liedke

Founder/CEO, Find Your Buried Treasure

Nikki is an authentic person — she brings all the emotions of her personal journey with her disease to life on the stage. There’s no victim mentality… only inspiration and hope. Challenge is a part of everyday life. Nikki demonstrates the will to meet these challenges head on in the written word and on stage. Good for you Nikki!

Donna Chicone

Author, Advocate, TEDx Speaker


Featuring Nikki Abramson

Ten out of 7.4 billion. Those are her odds. Told at the age of 5 she would die in her teens, Nikki Abramson refuses to be stamped with an expiration date. Now an adult, watch as she pushes past limits while portraying a cast of colorful characters from her world.

“Beyond Limits” is a theatrical play about defeating the odds based on the life story of Nikki Abramson. Adapted from “No Limits” written by Nikki Abramson, Sara Truesdale and Gizelle Erickson; along with Dennis Dienst.

Next performance: Friday June 29th at 8pm at the KAAN Conference (Korean American Adoptive Network)


By Nikki Abramson

I Choose Hope is an inspirational memoir and self-help book. Told by doctors at the age of five that she would die in her teens, Nikki learned how to live in the present. Mentors taught her how to overcome challenges and obstacles through faith and believing in the power of positivity. Nikki addresses what it’s like to want to ‘fit in’ with society through her struggles as an international adoptee and battling serious rare disabilities. Her courage to go on when life is challenging is an inspiration to all.

Includes journal and discussion questions to reflect upon one’s own life experiences.

This coffee-table book contains inspirational and uplifting phrases, encouragement and journal pages with questions to spark creativity and introspection. Each page is uniquely designed to stand on its own, so the book can be read cover to cover or in any order. Whether you read one page or the entire book, Hope for Today offers a retreat from the stress of life.


With contributions by Nikki Abramson

All the Women in My Family Sing is an anthology documenting the experiences of women of color at the dawn of the twenty-first century. It’s a vital collection of prose and poetry whose topics range from the pressures of being the vice-president of a Fortune 500 Company, to escaping the killing fields of Cambodia, to the struggles inside immigration, identity, romance, and self-worth. These 69 brief essays, including one by Nikki Abramson, capture the aspirations and wisdom of women of color as they exercise autonomy, creativity, and dignity and build bridges to heal the brokenness in today’s turbulent world.

Watershed Moments is about the storms in our life that rock our foundation. How will we react?

This compilation tells over thirty stories of men and women who have overcome dramatic life events. Through faith, determination and courage they have moved on to a better life. What’s your storm? Cancer, abandonment, divorce, alcoholism, financial strife, rape, life-threatening illness, faith struggles? Wherever you are in your life, you’ll find these stories inspiring.

Stories from the Social Side, edited by Jennifer Radke. Social media changes quickly and professionals are often left to fend for themselves and figure out the best way of doing things to keep their brand relevant. This collection of advice, best practices, tips, and interviews from more than thirty social media professionals allows readers the opportunity to look behind the screen and take some of the guess work out of their jobs. Includes a chapter by Nikki Abramson detailing how she’s used social media to leverage her network and build a community.

32 women across eight decades answer the same seven questions. Nikki Abramson is among them.

You’ll be amazed at how women in different seasons of life answer these profound questions. You’ll learn and laugh out loud. Other stories will touch your heart and take your breath away.

Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and Inspiration is a collection of stories that were contributed by almost 90 brain injury survivors from across the world – all brought together by an invisible injury that affects so many, yet is understood by so few.

This book is a much needed resource for survivors and caregivers so they can realize they are not alone in this journey – that there are others out there just like them who have made remarkable strides in their recovery. These stories offer strength and inspiration to fellow survivors and help others understand the journey they go through. By offering understanding, we can create awareness and compassion.


Let Nikki Inspire Your Group

We all need hope. Whether we have lost a job or a relationship or our health, we all need hope and yet it’s easy to lose it.

Is your group ready to move forward? Nikki Abramson wants to encourage, inspire, and motivate you towards hope and success. Nikki will empower you to be the person you are created to be. She brings positive life energy, enthusiasm, and passion for sharing her hope journey and messages of hope to every speaking engagement.

Nikki’s presentations are engaging and will have people on their feet talking about their own personal life journey.

Engage with Nikki today, and bring her message of hope to your group!


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