This coffee-table book contains inspirational and uplifting phrases, encouragement and journal pages with questions to spark creativity and introspection. Each page is uniquely designed to stand on its own, so the book can be read cover to cover or in any order. Whether you read one page or the entire book, Hope for Today offers a retreat from the stress of life.

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An Uplifting Resource for Trying Times. With her new book, Hope for Today, author Nikki Abramson provides the reader with lovely, guided tools for rediscovering that sometimes elusive light. Abramson uses insightful questions, helpful challenges, and exercises in mindfulness, set against striking images of Nature in all her beauty, all lovingly chosen to help the reader find opportunities, new perspectives, and a fresh resolve to choose hope over despair, light over darkness. An inspiring, uplifting, and supremely handy resource, ideal for a daily, little infusion of mindfulness in those moments when we feel we may have lost our way.

Julia Tagliere

Provocative Questions. At the outset I was engaged with the idea of “hope” and how it is an individual choice. The book seemed more like a workbook as it provided questions throughout, with space to record answers. The challenges made me pause and think about everything from opportunities to thank you notes. The book could be read in one sitting or over a period of time. Very engaging!


Beautifully Done. Nikki Abramson provides the reader with inspiration and hope. The images in the book are inspiring on their own and create a beautiful backdrop for the words of the author. Beautifully done!