One word: Gratitude

by Jan 27, 2017

For the last several years instead of focusing on New Year’s resolutions or ways to improve my life, I have focused on just one word. One simple word that will help propel me forward into the year. One word that I can meditate my heart on and focus on for that year from both a personal and professional life. I want to see that word in every area of my life and see where I can use that word for the better.

As an example last year my word was trust. I needed to trust more in my business, my career path, my acting career, my schooling, my health challenges, etc.. TRUST. It wasn’t easy, but helped give me clarity and focus. There were times the past year that were challenging for me in ways I can’t even describe, some of the times it pushed me past my comfort zone to try new things as I stretched myself in doing two productions “No Limits” and “In My Heart-Adoption Play Project.” The words I have chosen each year have been thoughtfully carefully thought of, so that I could choose something that would be a turning point. It turns out that every year, the word I choose was the word that I needed as a reminded to help me get through that year. Last year was about trust.

2014 was about acceptance, 2015 was hope, and now my word of 2017 is the word of gratitude. I feel so blessed, thankful, and full of gratitude of the many blessings and opportunities in my life despite the challenges in my life. I want to remember that every day is a gift, that when times are a challenge that I can really be okay and trust that it is okay because of how much gratitude I have for the small things around me in life. Despite the snow and ice of what comes of winter (which for me I am not a fan of), I am thankful for the change of seasons and of course my warm cup of Caribou coffee!

So my challenge for you is what is your one word? It has been amazing to reflect upon the ways I have learned to trust this year. Ways that I needed to trust like that word was given to me. Gratitude is on my heart for this year. What is on yours?