A whole new world… a new fantastic point of new… This is a picture of my doctor (Dr. Busch) and me riding on the magic carpet ride in Magic Kingdom this past January. It reminds me of where I am at this point in life. A whole new world. For years, I had the similar view point. I was a student. I probably was a student every year of my life except for maybe about a year. Since January, I haven’t been in school as I graduated from my masters program. It was a huge accomplishment and I am thrilled, although it is a weird place to be in right now. It is a whole new world. What is the next place in life for me?  What am I supposed to do next? Well, I am on a whole new world. To be a learner of life that is, to figure out my next step. A whole new point of view. I recently got hired on to probably one of my dream jobs which is the artistic director for a musical for an elementary school. I am thrilled! I have directed MANY shows before, as well as choreographed many shows before, and have worked with many directors. I have worked with kids on various camps etc, so do I have the experience? YES! Do I feel confident? YES! Do I feel I have the ability? YES! But it is a whole new world as well. IT is a whole new world because for me lighting, sound, props, set, costuming, and ‘being in charge of it’ all is a new experience for me. Staging, blocking, directing, I can do… but in many ways I am stepping out in a whole new world. I am beyond excited, grateful, and a little nervous as many would in a new position.

When your in a whole new world, it can be a scary thing. There are many new adventures to take in life. When your in a whole new world, it is important to take a step out in faith. Try something new. Take a chance. Make mistakes. Be okay. As they say in Aladdin when your in a whole world it is ‘unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, soaring tumbling, free wheeling, through an endless diamond sky.’ It it important to really just take an adventure and soon you see new things. I am ready to take it in, to try new things, and to see the indescribable feeling. Have you ever been in an whole new world? What was it like? Share your experience with me. How did you take it? Know that being in a whole new world while it can be scary, it can be wonderful, amazing! I am grateful to be on a whole new world. Hope you are too! I feel so blessed to take on this new opportunity as it will shape who I am.