2014 was a life changing year. In fact it was time time 2014, 4 years ago that my life changed and I became a published author of the book “I Choose Hope-Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Positivity.” Now if you ask me if I enjoy writing, I would say no. Ask me if I wanted to become a writer, and I say no. But writing became my passion for those few years and it became my vessel, my instrument, and my method of sharing my story. I always knew I had a story to tell, but I didn’t really know how to express it. After life circumstances, I knew that writing my story into a book was my destiny. I wrote for 2.5 years and birthed this book. The book sold well for a few years and people still want to hear my story of overcoming challenges.

Because let’s face it that we all have challenges and I just want to provide some insight into how to walk through this challenges. Now, I still sell my book, but since then I wrote another book called “Hope for Today’ which came out last year as an inspirational coffee table book. All the daily reads came from days when I was at my lowest of low. Since then I was also in a total of 5 anthologies continuing to  write, spread my story, and change the world by people hearing what it is like to have a brain injury, to be a woman, to be a woman of color, the power of social media, and to go through a watershed moment. Part of me can’t believe my eyes when this happens. I never in my wildest dreams would want to write, yet let alone have 7 books to my name and 2 other that I am also a part of making my writing to 9 books out there. It is crazy to think about. My daily hope is that by having my story out there in such a tangible way whether it is thru my book or other people’s books that it may inspire and motivate others in their journey that they may see goodness in their situations even when life is hard. Life is hard for me daily. Living with disability has its challenges, being a woman of color has its challenges, but I know that one of the reasons I am here is to inspire others through the power of storytelling thus also having co-wrote a play about my life. Writing didn’t come naturally to me and still doesn’t (although it is easier than math). I have to say though that I am grateful to have the ability to write and there is an audience for me. Thank you for reading! 🙂 What inspires you? How can my writing help you? If you would like to be encouraged through one of my books, let me know to purchase a copy. However, more importantly let me know how my writing can serve and inspire you. 4 years ago I didn’t think I could do it, and having a book (well actually more like 2 close to mine, 7 total, and 8 if you count a master’s thesis books close at hand), but it has lead to many doors through speaking, acting, and writing. I never would have thought to. What doors are open because of something that has happened to you? Seize the day!